Asset Management

Asset Management

In emerging markets, typically the Operations Maintenance contractor relies on locally hired employees with little or no operations experience. This often results in a plant that may be operated inefficiently, potentially with deferred maintenance reducing the lifespan of plant and equipment.

Due to the variability of production, investors typically don’t know how much cash flow has been lost until production and yield analysis has been performed, typically at the end of the year. At this point, it is often too late to recover investor losses through warranty and other commercial claims.

Cash Flow Optimisation

Energy production during operations can be optimized through planning, monitoring and actively managing plant availability, and through scheduled/predicted maintenance. Modern Energy Management acheives through methodical daily, weekly and monthly management of the plant with a focus on energy yield optimization. With our collaborateive approach, we help the O&M contractor better understand industry best practices to make the plant and the O&M contractor successful on the project.

End of Warranty Inspections

End of warranty inspections are also critical to maintaining cash flows for the life of the project. And a proper end of warranty inspection process may in fact protect the investor’s exit from the project.

Modern Energy Management employs engineers with technology-specific experience to provide the best possible insight into our investor’s project. Additionally, Modern Energy Management has a strong, successful history of increasing cash flow and reducing OPEX. These qualifications make Modern Energy Management and ideal pattern for investors in emerging markets.