12 Mar 2020

Global Renewable News Press Release: Modern Energy Management appointed for AC Energy 120MWp Philippines solar project

February 28, 2020 – Modern Energy Management (MEM), a specialist in developing, building and operating investment grade renewable energy projects in emerging markets announced that it has been appointed as AC Energy’s representative to support the development of a 120MW solar project in Luzon, Philippines

AC Energy is an expanding Philippines Independent Power Producer (IPP). With wind and solar projects in Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, it turned to MEM for the Luzon project management to include contract negotiation support with the Chinese EPC, design review, and construction quality management. MEM will team up with its local Philippines partner, SIDCORE Consulting to provide these services.

A key value brought to the project is MEM’s expertise in contract negotiations with Chinese EPCs – in Mandarin. “While these types of negotiations are often conducted with law firms,” stated Aaron Daniels, Managing Director of Modern Energy Management, “we bring a unique aspect to these project negotiations. Not only does MEM understand the risks of renewable energy projects, we have in-house Mandarin-speaking staff with over 2.5GW of renewable energy contracting proficiency.”

Mr. Daniels continued regarding the importance of having a firm like MEM manage the EPC relationship. “Appointing an Owner’s representative to manage the EPC partnership enables the relationship to be set up right from the start. MEM is an experienced project manager able to reduce project risk with Chinese EPCs through conducting Mandarin-language negotiations, implementation of international and local Philippines design standards, and working practices.”

“This is not MEM’s first project in Philippines,” Daniels continued. “We view Philippines as the next hot market’ in Southeast Asia, and see the strong growth potential of solar, wind and storage in this market.”

The project role of working with Chinese EPC negotiations and construction management is not new for MEM. They have similar project roles in other emerging markets around the world including Malawi, Africa.

Link to original press release:  https://globalrenewablenews.com/article/energy/category/solar/142/819499/modern-energy-management-appointed-for-ac-energy-120mwp-philippines-solar-project.html