31 Aug 2020

pv magazine press release: Modern Energy Management supports expansion of existing solar farm in Vietnam

Modern Energy’s scope of work includes commercial and technical support, which has already begun, and it has been representing the owner during negotiations with the contractor. MEM is also the project lead for engineering, design review, and construction quality management and project management services.

“Modern Energy is more than a technical advisory firm,” stated Aaron Daniels, Managing Director of Modern Energy Management, “as we view our clients as partners on every project. With regards to this expansion project, our negotiations on behalf of the client with the project contractor showcase another unique aspect of MEM that our clients enjoy. Our team has significant experience developing, building and operating renewable energy projects throughout Southeast Asia.”

The client firms involved with the project have ambitious renewable energy development goals over the next five years, which made working with MEM key to achieving those goals. One client noted, “We already had a strong relationship with Modern Energy when looking to select them for this project. However, the fact that they have extensive experience in the tight Vietnam renewable energy market was invaluable to us.”

With regard to the COVID 19 pandemic, “There are unexpected issues to address including global supply chain concerns and implementation risks at construction sites,” continued Mr. Daniels. “We were able to pivot our business to quickly address the new situations COVID created when looking to shift from the development phase of this project to the construction phase.”

Vietnam set a target to achieve 850 MW of solar energy by 2020, with growth goals to 4GW in 2025 and 12GW in 2030, as it looks to diminish its environmental footprint.