24 Jul 2019

renews.biz article: Advisor seeks wind construction crew in Vietnam Turnkey build contract for 150MW intertidal project up for grabs

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22 July 2019 – Advisory company Modern Energy Management has gone to market seeking turnkey contractors to build an unnamed 150MW intertidal wind farm in Vietnam.

The company, which is serving in a management role for the project, is seeking engineering, procurement and construction outfits for the job.

Building will take place in two phases starting in 2019.

MEM said it is engaging the market on behalf of its client, described as a “confidential investor”.

“The intertidal wind project is technically complex. Intertidal projects present unique challenges and risks, and there is little experience in the market for construction in these conditions,” the company said.

Currently MEM supports investors of projects in Vietnam with an estimated capacity of over 1300MW.

Vietnam, which relies heavily on coal and hydro power, has a goal to achieve 6.2GW of installed capacity of wind project by 2030, with 190MW currently in operation.

Link to the original article: https://renews.biz/54400/advisor-seeks-wind-construction-crew-in-vietnam