Mission Statement

Modern Energy Management will become the global leader, and to set a new standard for innovation and professionalism in the renewable power project management and engineering services industry. To do this, our guiding principle is to always create superior value for our clients by helping them develop, plan and implement the best solutions possible for their projects. We believe that while clients’ problems may be complicated, solutions cannot – complicated solutions become new problems for the client. We believe a solution is not a solution until it has been implemented and achieved the desired results. We believe that value is only created when our client successfully realises results. To deliver on our value proposition to our clients, we are dedicated to providing project leadership through experienced, world-class project and engineering resources coupled with advanced project management methodology.

Core values

  • Integrity is everything
  • Deliver innovation and excellence to every client on every project
  • There is no try; there is only do
  • Success is a measure of teamwork
  • If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong
  • Respect and learn from the differences