Project Development Services

Modern Energy Management’s experience in bringing projects from concept to financial close is a distinct asset to our clients. This is due to our unrivaled experience developing, building and operating wind and solar projects for investors in SE Asia. We typically work as “Owner’s Representative” providing overall project leadership to develop and financially optimize “Investment Grade” projects for our clients.

Project development services
(Key focus on investability, bankability and financial optimization)

Project Management (Owner’s Representative)

  • Overall project leadership managing scope, budget and schedule
  • Interface and communications management with internal and external stakeholders
  • Reporting, governance and budget management
  • Manage lender advisor processes up to financial close

Renewable Energy Engineering

  • Wind and solar energy yield analysis
  • Technology optimization
  • Micrositing
  • Site design, technical and financial optimization

Technical De-risking

  • Identification of technical requirements (construction and operations)
  • Grid, environmental and social studies
  • Plant design, technical and financial optimization

Commercial Contracting

  • Development of procurement strategy
  • Procurement tenders
  • Contracting and contract management
  • Commercial negotiations